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UNITED is a pan-European network with an open policy:

  • Every group, organisation etc. that share values such as human rights, diversity and intercultural respect is welcome to join
  • Everybody who is committed to our values is welcome to join our European-wide campaigns, has free access to information & contacts and can use our campaign material and networking tools for free.

Our ambition is to build up and strengthen civil society movements in the fight against hate, intolerance and fear; to give better visibility to the anti-discrimination movement; to stimulate cooperation among a variety of actors; to support the flow of information and expertise among Europe’s NGOs; to create and distribute vital campaign-, networking- & educational material for free.

UNITED is, and always will remain, independent of any political party or governmental institute. That’s why UNITED depends on financial support from a wide range of sources such as supporting NGOs.
By today, more than 550 organisations from 48 European countries have joined the network and contribute according to their possibilities. The UNITED network can only be kept alive through the mutual solidarity of supporting organisations. Solidarity means also to respect the different possibilities of each organisation. This is why we have set different annual support fees by type of organisation and country – the ones with greater capacities contribute a higher amount and thus enable the participation of others with less money.

Become a part of the UNITED for Intercultural Action Network and show active solidarity with grassroots organisations all over Europe! By being a SUPPORTER of UNITED your organisation becomes part of an active network and contributes to the progress of the anti-discrimination movement.

The work of UNITED largely depends on the financial support of supporting organisations. The annual support fee directly contributes to the production and distribution of publications and campaign material.
Become a supporter of UNITED – Fill out the supporter form and send it to the UNITED Secretariat in Amsterdam.