Report Discriminatory Parties and Politicians

2019 EP Elections - Information about Parties and Politicians who Spread Intolerance and Hatred

The information you provide here will be used to publish a database of parties and politicians in Europe who spread hatred and are discriminatory towards minorities (e.g. migrants, refugees, Jews, Roma and Sinti, disabled people). It is easier for us if you fill in the form in a publishable way. We won't publish your name, unless you indicate otherwise in the "remarks" section of this form.
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  • We ask you to only put information about one party in each form, as it is easier for us to analyse it that way. If you want to tell us about (politicians of) more parties, please fill out the form again.
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  • Guiding questions: Why do you think that the party/politician is discriminatory against minorities? What kind of statements did the party/politician make? What kind of policies does the party/politician want to implement? Does the party/politician openly refer to fascist, Nazi or racist movements in general? Have party members been protagonists or have they supported acts of hatred or violence against minorities? If yes, on what occasion(s)? Does the party/politician's political programme support nationalist/supremacist ideas, use discriminatory discourses against minorities? Does the party/politician use symbols (drawings, gestures, clothing, commemorations, hymns, logos, etc.) attributable to fascism, Nazism, etc.? Please justify your explanations by including proofs (news-articles, quotes, videos, political programme, etc. [preferably in English]).
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  • Guiding questions: What percentage of vote did the party/politician got in the last elections? Does the party/politician sit in the national parliament? If yes, is the party/politician in the majority or in opposition? With which and how many parties is the party/politician in coalition? Is the party/politician in any regional or local council? What channels of communication does the party/politician use to propagate its/his/her ideas?
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