Activities of the intermediate phase

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During this phase, they welcomed in their Office and took the chance to talk openly about different topics, specifically the occasions of further cooperation for Erasmus+ and related projects with people from neighbor countries. After an amazing visit to the office, they offered to the visitants the chance to visit Khor Virap, an important historical and religious site for Armenians. They have some projects they would like to develop together in the future.




“Human Library”

The first activity implemented was a workshop on prejudices, stereotypes and awareness about discrimination. After the introductive part the students were asked to think on some sentences about discrimination to use in the second workshop. During the second workshop the organizers explained what it is the Human Library and after this first part created a photo gallery shooting some photos of them, using as captions the sentences about discrimination.
After the activity in the school a couple of workshops at the University were done in order to explain to the students what the Human Library is and how to organize one. The second step was to show a real example in the University campus in Turin.
The last activity was implemented in Casarcobaleno, where a photo exhibition was organized with the pics taken with the high school’s students.




United Kingdom

The Euro Mediterranean Resources Network promoted three initiatives relevant to the intermediated phase of the Study Session all taking place in Brighton & Hove.


To mark the start of the national Refugee Week, on the 19th of June, they held “Different past, Shared future”, a multi-format event to explore the cultural heritage of refugee communities. The event featured poetry readings and performances from artists belonging to refugee communities. An open debate also took place with featured representatives of local and national NGOs and media experts. On World Refugee Day (20 June) they carried out a “Red Umbrella Action”, a street action that was planned by a group of participants attending the first Study Session. On the 22nd of July, to mark the Action Day for the Victims of Hate Crimes, they organised a workshop on human rights.



“No Hate, Across the Borders”
Italy and Morocco

On April 2017, during the first study session from the project a group was created to work with young people in Italy and Morocco. The project aim was to analyze radicalization as a process and focus in the reasons why it happens. Four role-plays took place to illustrate different types of hatred and social discrimination.





The mission was to increase awareness about Hate Speech, it’s regulation mechanisms, Homo/Bi/Trans Phobia, Extremism, Nationalism, Problems of Sex workers in Georgia, Violence and Queer theory in young People between 16-35.





The workshop of Center for Intercultural Dialogue (part of UNITED Network Against Racism) on 22 of July in Kumanovo gathered young people, representatives of organizations and youth activists who are interested in advocating against hate and work on improving the campaign on 22 of July the international Europe day of remembrance of Hate Crime victims.
In the first session were shown the history of the 22 of July and its link to hate speech and hate crime. During the second session was presented the concept of Hate Speech, how it can be recognized and its link to Hate Crime.




“No Hate Umbrella”

The idea of free hug flash mob was born during the 1st phase study session in April 2017 as part of “United youth against violent extremism in Europe” special project. Coming from 4 different countries (Matteo Haenen, Andreia Bessa, Adrián Almorín Fernández, András Marosi) they design this common action.


They received the support from their NGO, Útilapu Hálózat and from the Open Doors working group. They also got support from the Council of Europe giving No hate flyers, badges, balloons. They created a Facebook event for this and also spread the word among other NGOs working on the same field to reach, involve and mobilize people volunteering for the flash mob.



“Workshop on Counteracting Hate Speech Online”

It was organized by Matilda Salla with facilitator Kristina Ndoj and Meri Zeneli as preventatives of youth associations Action for Change and Transformation -ACT, and PVN Albania. The aim of the workshop was to provide participants with knowledge on how to identify and address online hate speech, and to provide with skills to combat it, and to foster online youth participation.
The workshop was held in High School of Ndroq, a village of Tirana, in a classroom of young people of age 16 -17 years old. At the end of session, the 22 pupils gained knowledge and skills to be online active citizen and combat online hate speech.