Other ongoing EP-Elections activities


Network / Organisation Activities/initiatives organised Timing Organisations involved + contact person Themes
SDG Watch Meeting with Spitzenkandidaten on Manifesto, 2030 Agenda Feb SDGs and beyond, democracy, human rights, gender equality, env justice
Friends of the Earth Europe

Manifesto for Sustainable Europe

New narratives for the societies we want to build

Coordinate and stimulate national level debate in over 10 EU member states






SDG Watch


Europe We Want loose alliance

Environment, human rights, democracy, social, labor, trade and other issues
European Civic Forum MEGA campaign Democracy
European Women’s lobby 50/50 Anti-Hate, Women’s rights, equaltiy, gender
European Youth Forum

10 ideas to #youthUP the 2019 European Elections (manifesto)

Political programme comparison tool (for European political parties and leading candidates)

Thematic Videos series

Youth campaign days

Televised debate between Spitzenkandidaten




29 April

OnOurWatch Alliance Sustainable Development, Quality Jobs, Social rights and protection, Inclusive societies, a rights-based approach to migration, digitalisation, Democracy.
Concord EU Crystal Ball campaign  (coalition with SDG Watch, TI, GHA and EEB)https://concordeurope.org/eucrystalball/ targeting spitzenkandidaten at EU level and future MEPs at national level Dec 2018 – May 2019 The 4 elements of Sustainable Development: social, environmental, economical and governance
European Alliance for Responsible R&D and Affordable Medicines

Manifesto “Putting People’s Health First: improving access to medicines in Europe


Social media campaign around the Manifesto

Launch: Nov-Dec

Further development of specific proposals: Jan-Jul

  Health, Access to medicines, Research
JEF Europe Project “Road to the Future” to encourage European-oriented youth participation, including voting in the EP elections. Main activities: a meeting with youth engagement and communication experts (Portimao, mid-January), a training for facilitators and organisers of local events (Skopje, early February),
a large-scale youth exchange and launch event (Paris, mid-March), debates with MEP candidates in 13 countries (March-April), a promotional bus tour (April), an online campaign (March-May).

Planning & preparation: October 2018 – February 2019;


Implementation: March-May2019.

Partners: JEF Europe (together with national sections from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, Malta, Slovenia, Spain), Animafac, Assembly of European Regions, Balkans Beyond Borders, Center for Intercultural Dialogue, DYPALL Network, Association Europe4Youth, European Educational Exchanges – Youth For Understanding, Union of European Federalists.

Youth engagement and democratic participation, young voter’s turnout.
Equinet – European Network of Equality Bodies Recommendation on promoting equality and combatting discrimination in election campaigns End of January – April/May 2019 Will be done at European-leve by Equinet and disctributed to member equality bodies to be used at national level (also during national elections) Promotion of equality, anti-discriminatino, combatting hate speech
ENIL – European Network on Independent Living Manifesto on EP Elections Published – to be promoted until the elections   Disability Rights
European Disability Forum European elections for all” petition – http://www.edf-feph.org/newsroom/news/european-disability-movement-demands-right-vote-2019 Launched on European Disabilty Day – 3 December 2018   Disability Rights, Political participation, equality, political rights, accessibility
European Parliament https://www.thistimeimvoting.eu/ – This time I am voting campaign – it also includes a map of events taking place in MS on EP elections    

“As Europeans we face many challenges, from migration to climate change, from youth unemployment to data privacy. We live in an ever more globalised, competitive world. At the same time, the Brexit referendum has demonstrated that the EU is not an irrevocable project. And while most of us take democracy for granted, it also seems under increasing threat, both in principle and practice.

That’s why we have started building a community of supporters to help encourage a higher voter turnout at the European Elections.”

European Parliament Not focusing on the elections per se… but given the timing, it definitely tries to show the added value of the EU ahead of the EP elections. http://www.europarl.europa.eu/at-your-service/en/stay-informed/citizens-app The Citizens’ App:

  • gives you information on topics and locations of interest to you and updates you on their progress;
  • is searchable, shareable, personalisable and rankable;
  • informs you about events taking place near you; adds your favourites to your personal calendar; shows you the best route via your favourite maps application;
  • provides multimedia content such as videos, podcasts and slideshows;
  • lets you keep the same settings and bookmarks across all your devices.



YourVoteMatters.eu is a multilingual digital platform, designed as an innovative communication tool between the 2019 European elections’ candidates and their electorate.

The platform is developed by a consortium of five European organizations, composed of: Riparte il Futuro (Italy), VoteWatch Europe (Belgium), European Citizen Action Service (Belgium), Vouliwatch (Greece) and Collegium Civitas (Poland) with the aim of enhancing the dialogue between all the actors involved in the next round of elections (politicians, political parties, citizens, organizations and stakeholders).

Culture Europe, European network for arts and culture Doing their own EP elections campaign https://cultureactioneurope.org/projects/ep-elections-2019-campaign/ like us they have E-news, campaign toolkit, downloadable visuals     Focusing on cultural aspects