Past Conferences

The aim of the UNITED conferences is to strengthen the movement against discrimination. They are set up to make sure that there is a specific follow-up, a ‘multiplying effect’ and ‘synergy’. The UNITED network organises conferences as part of the total work of the network. A conference theme is chosen in communication between the secretariat and the network organisations.

Conferences of the UNITED network are each time in a different country. Here you can find information on previous conferences:


Upcoming webinar: Climate Justice and Peace

We are back now with a follow-up to the exchanges we first had in April. “Peace is like a little bird – the more you try to get a grip on it, the quicker it flies away.” This old saying implies that peace is neither a fixed category you can define by statistics like economic […]

Virtual UNITED conference on 30th September – 1st October

From 30th September to the 1st October, UNITED will be hosting a VIRTUAL conference with our partners from Norway, covering the topics of youth, women, refugees and minorities, NGOs, and intersectionality.  As life slowly resumes its course during this unprecedented health crisis, we wonder: what marks has it left in people’s minds, in the bodies […]

UNITED Co-conference: European/Prague Spring – webinars!

This year, UNITED for Intercultural Action, in conjunction with supporting organizations, held  the European/Prague Spring conference 2020 – All-European mobilizing Conference for climate justice and peace. The aim of the European/Prague Spring conference is pretty clear: the emphasize, and build on, the important connections between social and environmental movements. The experts of the conference will seek for […]

UNITED #WithoutHate: Building Partnerships towards a Hate-free society

UNITED Conference near Bratislava, Slovakia, between 17 and 22 November 2019. Conference programme Description of the conference Hate speech is more than words: it affects those who experience it, their friends and family, and the society as a whole. It is causing deep concern all over the world, including in European countries. Freedom of speech is […]

POWER OF COEXISTENCE: Turn it on! Bridge, Cooperate, Overcome

UNITED’s conference “Power of Coexistence – TURN IT ON! Bridge, Cooperate and Overcome” was held between 15 and 20 May 2019, near Tirana, Albania. The conference focused on coexistence, not only as a general value of understanding and peaceful living within a community, but as a practical strategy that can help facing the current challenges […]

Make Every Voice Heard! The Power Of Victim Perspectives In Fighting Hate Crime

  The conference “Make every voice heard! The Power of Victim Perspectives in fighting Hate Crime ” took place near Berlin, Germany, from 19th to 24th November 2017, with the objective of sharing understanding and learning about victim-centered approaches, hearing about victims’ needs and sharing best practices on victim support. Hate Violence threatens social peace […]

United Youth Against Hate and Violent Extremism in Europe (1st Study Session)

In cooperation with Human Rights Education Youth Network (HREYN), the European Youth Press (EYP) and the Youth Department of the Council of Europe, UNITED is taking part in a special project to counter hate and violent extremism among young people at risk of social exclusion. The project, which takes place over the course of 2017, […]

Rewind Radicalisation: Building up strategies against extremism

International UNITED Conference near Prague, 7-12 April 2017 “Rewind Radicalisation: Building up strategies against extremism” Radicalisation is a process by which an individual or group comes to adopt increasingly extreme political, social, or religious opinions. It is not a one-off decision, but a development that occurs step-by-step within an individual or a group. During the […]

Living Together: Transform a divided past into our common future

International UNITED Conference near Lake Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia “Living together: Transform a divided past into our common future” Our lives as a community depend on how we can handle cultural, social and ethnic differences, and make strength out of diversity. Our success as nations depends on how we can learn from the experiences of […]

Moving Stories: Narratives of Migration Crossing Europe

  They take our jobs. They put pressure on our social services. They bring war, disease and uncivilised social practices. They degrade our culture and threaten our societies. Everything was better before they arrived… These are just a few of the myths on migrants and refugees that are routinely spread by the mainstream media and […]

#YOUACT: YOUth ACTivism shaping our Intercultural Europe!

The conference “YOUth ACTivism shaping our Intercultural Europe” took place from 14 to 19 October 2015 and focused on the role of antiracism youth work in shaping European societies. You can find the report on our Facebook page under October 2015.        Europe is facing a moment of great difficulty. Politicians across the […]

Overcome all borders: UNITED against Intolerance

The conference “Overcome all borders; UNITED against Intolerance” took place from 4 to 9 May 2015 and focused on the intolerance migrants face in Europe with an emphasis on the scapegoating reaction to migration at Southern European borders. The aim of this conference was to create ideas, vision, and strategies to counter this intolerance and […]

(Re)Act for equal opportunities online and offline

UNITED Study Session You can have a look at the pdf.file of the report here:         At the European Youth Centre of the Council of Europe The study session (Re)Act for equal opportunities online and offline was held at the European Youth Centre of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg from the 6th […]

What Divides Europe? Bridging Traditional Values and Fundamental Rights

You can find the report on our Facebook page under October 2014. You can also have a look at the pdf.file of the report:         Building Bridges Between Today’s Realities and Tomorrow’s Opportunities During this UNITED conference concepts of fundamental rights and traditional values were at the center of the discussion. In […]

Your Vote Can UNITE – Campaigning Against Populism and Racism

You can find the report on our Facebook page under April 2014. You can also have a look at the pdf.file of the report:        All over Europe, from Greece to Russia, from Georgia to Sweden, there is a rise of right-wing populist and extremist parties and movements. They offer ‘easy solutions’ for […]

Wipe Out Hate! UNITED in Solidarity

report (pdf 607 kB) programme (pdf 351 kB) list of participating organisations (pdf 431 kB)

Rethinking Diversity – Challenges for Equality in Europe and New Responses

“Diversity” has become a key term in contemporary social and political discourse. Diversity is a reality, a value, an aim and a normative prescription for how to achieve the objectives of social cohesion. Despite the openness and fluidity of the concept, we still tend to perceive ethnic, cultural, religious and other groups as homogenous entities. […]

Step in! Be Active Against Racist Propaganda and Hate Speech Online

UNITED organised a special study session at the European Youth Centre Strasbourg, in cooperation with the Youth Department of the Council of Europe.
The session aims to train 35 young people to recognise and combat hate speech online. It will motivate and enable them to step in when they witness situations where racism, discrimination and hate speech are spread online.

Combating Racism: Non-violent Strategies and Tactics

UNITED for Intercultural Action and Youth Human Rights Movement conference in Russian language information english (100kB) information russian (120kB) program (163kB) report (125kB)

Get Educated, Fight Racism!

report (pdf 4 MB) programme (pdf 323 kB) list of participating organisations (pdf 55 kB)

All Different, All UNITED

report (pdf 987 kB) programme (pdf 431 kB) list of participating organisations (pdf 30 kB) press release german (pdf 171 kb) and french (pdf 269 kb)

UNITED Youth for Understanding

UNITED summer camp/training course on history as a cause of conflicts in Europe Programme (pdf 12 kB) report (pdf 261 kB) participants report (pdf 63 kB)

Ready! Steady! Go!

European Youth Preparation for the UN World Conference Against Racism. The conference took place in the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg. Programme (pdf 9 kB) Report (pdf 169 kB) Newspaper (pdf 137 kB)