Poland: A Rightwing Spiral

Following a decisive election win for Poland’s nationalist parties, Dominik Sipiński considers what the country’s move to the right means for its people and for Europe.

Vote and you can make a difference! – Canvassing in Hungary

In Hungary, Roma people are facing discrimination and miserable living conditions. The Foundation of Subjective Values stressed the importance of Roma participation in the EU Parliament elections: “They welcomed our message and promised they to give their opinion also at the elections”, said Balint Josa about canvassing in the Roma community of Kakucs.

Voting for those without a political voice – campaigning in Greece

How would it feel if you were born in a country that refuses to grant you citizenship simply because of your migrant background? What if you could not have full access to the labor market or even worse if you needed a residence permit in order to live in the country where you were born and raised? – This is the case for 200.000 children and young people in Greece. Do not obstain! Vote for them as well!

‘Your Vote Can Unite, You Choose’ – Press Release, 21-05-2014

In the next days citizens all over the EU will vote for a new European Parliament. The elections for the European Parliament from 22-25 May could prove a turning point for the future of the EU. Populist, and racist parties are spreading hate, blaming migrants and minorities for whatever goes wrong, dividing societies in many of the EU member states. This campaign asks all EU citizens to use their right to vote. And we ask all to vote against racism in the European Parliament; to choose for unity, instead of division.

On the streets for Europe – Campaigning in France

Our French campaign partners Les Indivisibles were campaigning on the streets of Paris last Saturday. Mariquian Huimars shares her enthusiastic impressions and reports: “It was remarkable how people grabbed Indi News and shared their thoughts on the current state of France and Europe. Most of them understood then, to vote is a powerful tool and the importance of uniting as Europeans.”

The Your Vote Can Unite campaign in Italy

After 30 years of corruption scandals, bribing and 6 years of economic crisis, only mentioning the word “politics” causes your entire audience to react negatively in Italy. But politics is not that. Claudio Tocchi gives an insight in Italian society and explains why it is important not to give in to hate. Our vote can divide, our vote can unite – our vote is important!