What would a society ruled by Neo-Nazis be like?

(Photo source: Bratislava bez nackov)

by Beata Balogová

Freedom is fragile and always suffers when clashing with neo-Nazism, born from a conflict with values that a democratic society stands upon. The conflict is implacable even in the case when neo-Nazism puts on a more benign guise, and the number of frustrated people who see it as a solution grows.

We cannot put the country in the hands of those who dissolve values won by previous generations only because some politicians have been betraying the essence of public service for decades.

The fact that some first-time voters would willingly lay power in the hands of neo-Nazis, who take inspiration from the darkest time of the history of humankind, suggests that we are looking at a serious failure not only in education, but also in the historical memory of this nation.

How neo-Nazism selects

Neo-Nazism and extremism addresses young people just like terrorists recruit new soldiers in their army. It takes care of the angry, the neglected, the disappointed, and the hungry. It offers them an easy-to-digest sense and identity that they don’t need to labouriously build through their own experiences.

Instead of telling them the truth – that some problems have no instant solutions – it offers the licence to pour one’s frustration onto the enemy, one that they select with the ease of a medieval inquisitor.

It offers liberating explanations and conspiracy theories that replace history, science, logic, mathematics, and gradually even rational thinking as such.

Rising from the ashes

Frustrated young people often claim that the society they live in is the slave of a great puppet master who has controlled the world for centuries, pulling all the strings and denying the free will of individuals.

It could be anyone pulling the strings: judeo-bolshevik and freemason lobby, Brussels, the united bankers of the western world, Rosicrucians, Khazars, George Soros and his foundations striving for world power, coffee coolers.

While conspiracy theories willingly name that enemy, the neo-Nazis serve them final and radical solutions. With great delight they consume the words about burning into ashes, hoping that those ashes will give a rise to a stronger, more vigorous, and whiter nation than the society they live in. But they alone remain slaves of their perceived “liberator” and what they really support is in fact the decline of humankind.

It is the feast of everything that humankind looks at with shame when it looks back into its past. Neo-Nazism has no benign face, it only puts on masks that sometimes blur the edges.


This is an excerpt from an article originally published by the Slovak Spectator. Read the article in full here.