Youth Vision

This project ran from 2004 to 2006

The project “A European YOUTH vision” aims to strengthen youth organisations active on a grass roots level, as well as other youth groups from different cultural, ethnic and religious background, in their work against discrimination, racism and xenophobia.
We will bring together regular youth organisations and youth groups and support their co-operation with settled anti-discrimination (youth) organisations.
UNITED we aim to raise awareness against discrimination of the European public with the help of common campaigns.

Therefore the objectives of the projects are:

– to motivate youth organisations and youth groups with less opportunities to actively take part in European co-operation against discrimination;

– to provide a framework for (I)NGYO co-operation against discrimination on the European level;

– to provide the practical tools that grass-roots youth organisations need to translate the combat against discrimination on a European level to what they need on a local level and vice versa;

– to provide training for youth workers and organise exchange of good practices, to share experiences from their activity and to improve methods in the anti-discrimination work;

– to co-ordinate common European campaigns against discrimination, racism and xenophobia;

– to provide information on the European anti-discrimination legislation, as well as on the YOUTH/EVS Programme and its opportunities for young people.

Within the framework of the project, the following activities will be carried out:

– Research to identify youth groups active at a local level in the field of anti-discrimination work;

– Infopoint (through phone and internet) on and archive of intercultural youth work at international secretariat

– Conferences to plan and to evaluate the campaigns and publications, offering a framework for training, exchange of good practice and information

– Publication of campaign material and information (poster/newspaper, postcards, stickers, leaflets, etc.), as well as training material (training-leaflets, reports) and practical basic tools for co-operation (list of activities, CD ROM address listings)

– Distribution of this material throughout Europe.

– Campaigning at European level against discrimination, racism and xenophobia.
Special highlights in the project are the commemoration of the “Kristallnacht” pogrom (around 9 November) and the UN International Day Against Racism (21 March).

The programme of activities in the framework of the project is made by and for the partner organisations in the project: the UNITED network organisations in all eligible European countries working on all different aspects of discrimination and racism, as well as for the new youth organisations identified and involved in anti-discrimination work.