Civil Society Against Right-Wing Extremism



This project was developed after many years’ experience of UNITED network in antidiscrimination campaigns and deep analysis on the current trends of European civil society active in the fight against right-winged extremism, racism and discrimination.

Experience shows that despite the quantitative and qualitative work done by many organizations active in this field, many NGO’s have little knowledge about democratic institutions and processes. Nevertheless, there are effective ways to tackle discrimination at its local and regional level through innovative and informal learning strategies. There are as well ways to give the best practices a European dimension.

The aim of the project is to create a space for antiracial adult education and make it qualified, available and accessible throughout Europe. The objectives are: the creation of feasible ways to enhance the work of local grassroots groups and NGO’s active in the field of antiracial education, their training as learning facilitators in antiracial education, and the counterbalance of the unevenness in antiracial fight Europe-wide. The project has as its direct target group precisely NGOs activists. Ultimately, the project is also expected reach-out the NGOs’ target groups, mainly disadvantaged social categories with less opportunities to access education else way. The main activities envisaged include identification, selection and dissemination of best practices in the antiracist field, conferences, workshops and campaigns, which will eventually bring the following outputs: publications, handbooks, info leaflets, web-pages and campaigning material.



‘Civil Society Against Right-Wing Extremism – Developing New Lifelong-learning Strategies for NGOs’ is a project supported by the Grundtvig Program of European Commission and implemented by UNITED for Intercultural in partnership with:


The first part of the project ‘Civil Society Against Right-Wing Extremism’ was developed by UNITED for Intercultural Action in co-operation with ‘DUHA – Rainbow Association’ and ‘a3l Agentur für Lebenslanges Lernen’ in order to identify new life-long learning strategies to be used by anti-racist NGOs.


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This webpage is part of the project ‘Civil Society Against Right-Wing Extremism’ part funded and made possible by the support of the European Union Grundtvig Program.