On the streets for Europe – Campaigning in France

Our French campaign partners Les Indivisibles were campaigning on the streets of Paris last Saturday. Mariquian Huimars shares her enthusiastic impressions and reports: “It was remarkable how people grabbed Indi News and shared their thoughts on the current state of France and Europe. Most of them understood then, to vote is a powerful tool and the importance of uniting as Europeans.”


The Your Vote Can Unite campaign in Italy

After 30 years of corruption scandals, bribing and 6 years of economic crisis, only mentioning the word “politics” causes your entire audience to react negatively in Italy. But politics is not that. Claudio Tocchi gives an insight in Italian society and explains why it is important not to give in to hate. Our vote can divide, our vote can unite – our vote is important!


EU Parliament elections, May 2014

Vote, vote, vote, vote, vote! – In the next days the EU, elects a new parliament. There are many choices voters have to make. The main one, from our perspective, is: do we want a more united Europe, or a more divided one. Read about the three things you can do to help keeping racist parties out of the parliament. Europe’s future is in your hands!


Your Vote Can Unite – YOU CHOOSE!

In a time of crisis, every country faces different challenges. This campaign against racism and discrimination in the European Parliament focusses on activities adapted to local needs. In France, Greece, Hungary and Italy activities are organised for a European Parliament free from racism and xenophobia. What will you do?


Public Launch of EU election Campaign

Public Launch of EU election Campaign:  Your Vote can Divide or Your Vote can Unite calls to foster democracy /Keeping racist politicians and parties out of the EU parliament Polis Art Cafe, Athens, Greece 10th April 2014 PRESS INVITATION At 11am on the 10th of April the `Your Vote can Unite` campaign will be launched […]

Address book

The new edition of the European Address Book Against Racism out now!

Order your edition 2014 of our ‘European Address Book Against Racism’. Want to exchange information needed for your work? Wish find the right partner for your actions or projects? With more than 2400 contact details of organisations of the European antidiscrimination movement, the ‘European Address Book Against Racism’ enables you to connect with organisations on […]


EU Parliament elections, May 2014

Your vote can divide, your vote can unite – You choose! The elections come amidst a crisis that strikes Europe hard. Across the continent people lose jobs, lose income, lose hope. These are the circumstances some political parties and movements are taking advantage of. Seemingly easy solutions are promised by these parties, like: leave the […]