UNITED’s Call for Action

Let's voteDear Friends and Colleagues,

In May 2019 the European Parliamentary Elections will take place. Since the last elections 5 years ago, nationalism and exclusionary policies have gained traction in many EU countries. Politicians across the Union have turned to suppressing freedom of speech, fueling fear and intolerance, excluding minorities and migrants, and opposing the EU itself, discarding the values of unity and solidarity that underlied its creation.

These elections can decide the future of the European Union and tip the balance in favour of these nationalist and anti-EU sentiments – or turn the tide back to an inclusive and cooperative Europe. Now is therefore a crucial moment for us to take action and mobilize European citizens to vote in great numbers, using their voting right to make discriminatory parties small again!


The EU is one of the greatest accomplishments of European governments in the last century, and millennials have grown up with the freedom and opportunities which this accomplishment created. A common currency in the majority of the EU-countries, free movement, the possibility to travel, study, work and volunteer all around the continent thanks to programmes such as Erasmus+, and close collaboration between EU countries in all aspects of society: it is no wonder that young Europeans express the most favourable opinions on the EU and its core values. This generation is now of voting age, but underrepresented in elections.

We therefore urge you to start organizing activities in the run-up to the EP elections, especially motivating young people to vote. Show them that the EU is theirs, and that their future is now being decided. If the EP elections turn out in the favour of right-wing and discriminatory parties, they can shut down what has been carefully built up throughout decades by implementing discriminatory policies, making Fortress Europe increasingly impenetrable, dismantling funding programmes for youth, minorities and regional development, bringing us back to pre-Schengen times of closed borders, restricted travel, and separate currencies.

Please let us know which activities you are planning by sending a mail to epelections@unitedagainstracism.org.

We also count on your expertise regarding the discriminatory parties and politicians of your respective countries, and urge you to fill in this form, indicating which political parties have made discriminatory statements or promote racist, nationalist or sexist policies. We will use this information to create a Europe-wide list of political parties that you do not want to see in the European Parliament. We hope such an overview can help EU citizens decide their vote.

Exclusion and fear have spread through our continent for enough time now. Now is the time to act against discriminatory parties. Together we can Make Them Small Again!

We are looking forward to your contributions,

All the best,

UNITED and its Campaign Preparatory Group