Virtual UNITED conference on 30th September – 1st October

30 Sep 2020 - 1 Oct 2020, Online

From 30th September to the 1st October, UNITED will be hosting a VIRTUAL conference with our partners from Norway, covering the topics of youth, women, refugees and minorities, NGOs, and intersectionality. 

As life slowly resumes its course during this unprecedented health crisis, we wonder: what marks has it left in people’s minds, in the bodies of societies?

It may be too early to draw conclusions about the emergence of any so-called next world, but one thing we can definitely say is that this pandemic has revealed the sheer mismatch of power and discrimination. This crisis has amplified the social reality that those already predisposed to risk – lack of access to healthcare, social discrimination and stigma – have been hit even harder. 

We have seen, for example, a surge of hatred against a list of minority groups – people of Asian descent, Roma, refugees – as those responsible for spreading the virus throughout Europe. In addition to stigma, hate speech, physical violence, they have faced discrimination in access to fundamental rights. What this experience has definitively given us is the knowledge that we not equal in the face of risks.

It is along this line of thinking that UNITED For Intercultural Action and Oslo Municipality designed the second conference of 2020, scheduled virtually for September 30 – October 02.

This conference will host 2 days of workshops and interesting keynote speeches, panels and other interactive form of learning and networking.  The first day workshops will collect field experiences, and  good practices  the second day on the solutions and preventive measures on discrimination and hate.


Full programme:

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