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Why co-operate in European campaigns? Think globally, act locally.

Racism is not a local issue. Equal rights is an international demand. European campaigns can help set the agenda on all levels. We have to campaign on local, regional and European level to get our point across. By linking local and national actions, we can generate European-wide publicity. We can show that there is an enormous amount of people that believe in an intercultural open society. It gives all participants a new energy to go on with their everyday struggle against racism and intolerance. You will get motivated and inspired by the ideas and enthusiasm of other people, learn from each others experience and views, generate more publicity because of the scope and size of the activity, mobilise more people as you reach a combined audience, etc. It is the variety and creativity of many different simultaneous activities all over Europe that make the UNITED campaigns unique. There is a common date, and every year a theme emerges that gets special attention. Sometimes it is a slogan, such as ‘Who says we don’t fit together’ for the European-wide Action Week Against Racism in 2013.

From large, international youth organisations to small, active local groups, various organisations with many different approaches and focuses take the opportunity of UNITED’s international and intercultural campaigns to stand together and contribute with their very own activities. The supply of grass-root organisations with professional campaign material (posters, stickers, postcards) for free ensures a broad visibility throughout the continent and stronger local impact and media coverage.

If a group decides to make its activity part of a UNITED campaign, it can benefit from the network’s experiences as well as from its infrastructure and materials. Every UNITED campaign is dedicated to a special topic in the general context of anti-fascism, pro-diversity and against the discrimination of asylum seekers and refugees and is linked to an important date.

The UNITED campaign reports give background knowledge on the development of racism and fascism in our society and an overview of activities conducted by NGOs all over Europe as well information on the impact in each country. The campaign report also aims to inspire new organisations in joining UNITED campaigns and helps NGOs in reporting to their sponsors, lobby at local and national level and provide new ideas for future activities. Different campaigns need different activities, but the goal is the same for every activity in any part of Europe: reaching people to make them aware.