Press Release on Catalan referendum

The independence vote on 1 October, 2017 in Catalonia was characterized by excessive political violence against voters in numerous towns of the region. “In 2017, UNITED has been focusing on the phenomenon of youth radicalization and the prevention of violent extremism in Europe. Based on the processes that were identified during our conferences and study […]


UNITED Campaign Launch – Human Rights Superheroes – 9 November 2016

This year, to mark the International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism on 9 November, and Human Rights Day on 10 December, UNITED is coordinating a campaign to celebrate Human Rights Superheroes – people from past and present who made great contributions – and often great sacrifices – to defend the rights of others.


Press Release: Living Together – UNITED Conference in Republic of Macedonia

What causes conflicts between people and nations? How can these conflicts be resolved? What measures can be taken to ensure that communities recover from past conflicts? What can civil society organisations do to help communities to live together? These are the questions that will be tackled by around 75 activists at the UNITED conference near Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia.