Make Them Small Again! – UNITED’s campaign for the EP-Elections 2019

In May 2019 the European Parliamentary Elections will take place. Since the last elections 5 years ago, nationalism and exclusionary policies have gained traction in many EU countries. Politicians across the Union have turned to suppressing freedom of speech, fueling fear and intolerance, excluding minorities and migrants, and opposing the EU itself, discarding the values of unity and solidarity that underlied its creation.

Join our campaign for the EP-Elections and make an impact against racism, fascism and nationalism in Europe!

Nominate for the next UNITED conference!

UNITED gladly invites you to nominate Delegates for our upcoming UNITED Conference near Tirana, Albania, taking place from the 15 to 20 May 2019. The conference will focus on coexistence, not only as a general value of understanding and peaceful living within a community, but as a practical strategy that can help facing the current challenges of Europe on many different levels.

Season’s Greetings from UNITED – Highlights of 2018

Dear Colleagues,

Another eventful year for the UNITED network is almost over as the end of 2018 is approaching. Populist and far-right narratives all over Europe are on the rise and 2018 has shown that the work of the European antiracist movement continues to be crucial. For UNITED, 2018 has been an active year full of activities and campaigns.

Vitali Sarafov, active UNITED activist tragically passes away

It is with great sadness and heavy heart that we announce the tragic passing of our beloved colleague and friend, Vitali Safarov, from our partner organisation Center for Participation and Development and Tbilisi City Shelter, Georgia. His legacy will be cherished by all UNITED friends who had the chance to meet him.