Our second study session on violent extremism has started today

In cooperation with Human Rights Education Youth Network (HREYN), the European Youth Press (EYP) and the Youth Department of the Council of Europe, UNITED is taking part in a special project to counter hate and violent extremism among young people at risk of social exclusion. The project, which takes place over the course of 2017, […]

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Deadline extended for conference nominations!

Make Every Voice Heard! The Power Of Victim Perspectives In Fighting Hate Crime 19-24 November 2017 near Berlin, Germany ** New deadline for nominations: 10 September ** UNITED is  extending the deadline for nominations for its upcoming network conference “Make Every Voice Heard! The Power Of Victim Perspectives In Fighting Hate Crime”. The new deadline for […]


Call for applications for the Vilnius Young Leaders Meeting

Through our cooperation with the EU-Russia Forum, UNITED encourages members of its network from Estonia, Belarus, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine with experience in media and countering fake news to submit their application for the 1st Vilnius Young Leaders Meeting (VYLM).


FARE grants available for Football People weeks campaign

A long time partner of UNITED and friend in combating hate, xenophobia and intolerance, the FARE Network is encouraging civil society to apply for small and medium size grants to participate in its campaign, the Football People weeks, running between 5 and 19 October 2017.

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Call for participants – Youth Participation in Internet Governance seminar

The Council of Europe has published a call for participants for a seminar that will explore how youth participation in Internet Governance can be ensured in a meaningful and inclusive manner and will formulate recommendations for future action to be taken by the Youth Department and the Council of Europe to support youth participation.


Statement Regarding Charges Against Human Rights Defender Evdokia Romanova

Evdokia Romanova, a long-time supporter and activist of UNITED, has been charged in Russia with sharing posts on her Facebook profile whose content was related to the topic of the human rights of LGBT people in Russia. The UNITED Secretariat is concerned about the noticeable shrinking space of human rights activists and calls on its supporters to join the action of Avers in support of Evdokia.