Migrant Crisis or Poverty Crisis?

A new briefing by Global Justice Now looks at the framing of the narrative around the influx of migrants and refugees in Europe, sets out the underlying causes for this mobility, and demands states to protect and expand the right to freedom of movement.

PICUM launches child testimonies series

Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants (PICUM) has launched a new series of child testimonies, showing the hardship suffered by young undocumented migrants trying to make a life for themselves in Europe.

Press Release: Moving Stories – UNITED Network Conference in Italy

On 22-27 April, a European conference took place near Torino, Italy, organised by UNITED for Intercultural Action against Fascism, Nationalism and Racism and in Support for Migrants and Refugees. Participants representing organisations from all over Europe came together to challenge the current narrative on migration.

Press Release: Moving Stories – UNITED Network Conference in Italy

Together with partner organisations all over Europe, UNITED for Intercultural Action is organising an international conference to bring together around 70 network activists from all over Europe to discuss the issues around narrative of migration in Europe, share their best practices and learn about new tools to deconstruct narratives and promote their own, positive visions of an inclusive and open society. Entitled “Moving Stories: Narratives of Migration Crossing Europe”, the conference will take place at a venue near Torino, Italy, from 22-27 April 2016.