UNITED represented at OSCE meeting on countering intolerance and discrimination

UNITED was represented at the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) meeting on countering intolerance and discrimination, which took place in Vienna on 14-15 April. UNITED co-organised a side event at the Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting that accompanied the main OSCE meeting, while UNITED’s Ralph du Long chaired a panel session.

OSCE/ODIHR Publishes Hate Crime Data

ODIHR’s hate crime data for 2014 is now available. Forty-three participating States submitted information, along with 122 civil society groups covering incidents in 46 countries.

COE Parliamentary Assembly’s Resolution: Recognising and preventing neo-racism

1. An disturbing rise in racism, xenophobia and intolerance has been apparent for some years now in Europe. Those affected include migrants and asylum seekers, Jews, Muslims and Roma, Sinti and Travellers, and the reason is a supposed incompatibility between groups of different origins on cultural and religious grounds. Along with traditional racism, there is also a “race-less racism” which is equally damaging because it tends to justify discrimination against certain groups and individuals.