Join the campaign “Life beyond EU Funding: Imagining a Different Role for Youth Organisations in Europe”

UNITED has joined 70+ organizations in campaigning for more funding for youth organizations across Europe.

The campaign, led by InterAlia, argues that operating funding to youth organisations needs to significantly increase, and that operational funding reaches 5% of the overall Erasmus+ budget in the field of youth on a yearly basis.

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This can only be sustainable through a series of policy interventions in the system of allocation and the overall terms of operation of the youth sector on the EU level.

Who do we want to reach?

  • Ministries and general secretariats dealing with youth.
  • MPs working on parliamentary committees or instruments elaborating youth policies.
  • Political parties and their committees dealing with youth policies.
  • MEPs à We want them to agree to ask a question based on our document to the respective committee of the EC
  • Executive and administrative local & national agencies dealing with youth à We want to get their feedback and/or endorsement, particularly to the parts that are related to their role in the policy implementation.

Interested in joining the campaign? Visit the page here!