[Call for Applications] UNITED’s Campaign Preparation Group 2020

[Call for Applications] UNITED’s Campaign Preparation Group 2020

Are you passionate about antiracism and antifascism activism? Do you want to promote diversity and inclusion in Europe? Do you want to assist one of the largest European NGO networks with Europe-wide initiatives to tackle discrimination and prejudice? Apply to become a member of UNITED’s Campaign Preparation Group!

Every year, UNITED for Intercultural Action, the European network against nationalism, racism and fascism and in support of migrants and refugees, coordinates a series of international campaigning initiatives to bring European civil society organisations together with a common message. Through our European Action Week Against Racism, International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism, and International Refugee Day campaigns, UNITED has been empowering grassroots groups and engaging citizens all over Europe for twenty-five years.

Ideas for our campaigns always come from grassroots activists present at UNITED’s biannual network conferences. However, we also need talented, creative people to help turn these ideas into concrete campaign materials, and engage organisations around Europe to take part in these campaigns. This is why we are now recruiting activists from around Europe to form a Campaign Preparation Group (CPG) to assist with the implementation of our antiracist campaigns in 2020.

As a member of the CPG, you will work with other young activists from all over Europe to design and implement a series of Europe-wide campaigns that tackle racism and discrimination.

These campaigns include:

  • Action Week Against Racism, 16th to 24th March, which sees civil society groups, educational institutions and city governments come together to protest against racism and stand up for inclusive European societies;
  • International Refugee Day, 20th of June, which express solidarity with Africa and now focuses on the refugees and migrants living in Europe, and encourages European organisations to do more to challenge the populist narrative that negatively portrays migrants and refugees; 
  • International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism, 9th of November, which marks the in commemoration of the Kristallnacht pogrom that took place in 1938. By UNITED decision from now on it will be a year-long campaign, hence under the slogan #EliminHATE, the 2019-2020 campaign will focus on the question: What is hate today? 
  • In Support of Victims of Hate Crime, 22nd of July, where UNITED seeks to empower grassroots and engage citizens,and mobilise young people to speak up and take action against hate crime;
  • Human Rights Day, 10th December, that is celebrated annually across the world.

To get an idea of what our previous campaigns have been like, please feel free to click the hyperlinks and explore ours and our network’s past activities.

Your role will include:

– Attending two UNITED network conferences and listening to the views and input of young antiracist activists from all over Europe

– Working with other CPG members to discuss the issues at the heart of the campaign and come up with concrete campaign proposals

– Planning the structure of the campaign highlights and producing campaign materials for online and offline actions

– Liaising with organisations in your home country and internationally to engage them in the campaign

– Evaluating each stage of the campaign and providing feedback for future CPGs

Personal Specifications (Required):

– Enthusiasm and passion for the values of the UNITED network

– Ability to speak and write in English

– Experience of working or volunteering with an NGO active in one of the working fields of UNITED

– Knowledge of the issues at the heart of UNITED’s campaigns

– Ability and willingness to work as part of a diverse and international team

– Resident of a Council of Europe member state

Personal Specifications (Preferred):

– Ability to speak and write in other European languages (especially German, French, Russian)

– Experience of working on local, national, or international campaigns

– Experience of organising activities as part of UNITED campaigns, or working on the preparation of a UNITED conference

– Skills useful for campaigning (copywriting, graphic design, videomaking, social media, web design etc.)

Deadline and Conditions:

 The deadline for application is March 15th.

– As a member of the CPG, you will be expected to travel to Budapest for a face-to-face meeting to plan the campaigns.

– You will need to dedicate an average of around 2-3 hours per week on implementing the campaigns throughout 2020.

– The position is undertaken on a voluntary basis.

If you are interested in becoming part of the CPG, please fill in the form below before March 15th. For more information, please write an e-mail to our CPG coordinator at ifra@unitedagainstracism.org.

Meanwhile, follow is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and be prepared to come up with ideas for running each!