ODIHR training November 23

Dear selected delegate!

You received this link as you are selected to the conference, but we offer an extra training, and you have to sign up for it, and we will come back to you very soon. We have limited spaces, and if you wait too long they will fill in. Our request is that you sign up immediately so we can organise your travel fast, but the deadline is 18th October the latest!

UNITED has a good cooperation with OSCE/ODIHR and as our topic is very much in sync with their work on monitoring Hate Crimes in the OSCE region, we asked them to organise a small training. This has been many times conducted, the format is that those who get selected dont leave after the last day, but stay for two extra nights, and participate on the 23rd of November on a full day extensive training lead by experts of OSCE. On the 24th we take them to Bratislava or help them get home. The training is a very high level opportunity for NGO-s and participants to be able to recognise Hate Crimes and work on combating them.

To know more about the institution: https://www.osce.org/odihr