Meeting in Torino to establish new EU-Russia working group on migration

Several members of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum, UNITED and several UNITED network organisations among them, have gathered for a three-day meeting in Torino, Italy to establish the fundamentals for a new working group on migration in the Forum.

Hosted by the Torino city council, the event follows the UNITED network conference “Moving Stories: Narratives of migration crossing Europe”, which took place earlier this year and focused on the topic of migration and prevalent narratives on the subject in Europe today, and the #LifeSeekers campaign, which was coordinated by UNITED in partnership with the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum as a follow-up to the conference.

UNITED is represented at the meeting by spokesperson Ralph du Long and programme coordinator Balint Josa, who delivered a keynote speech at an open event in the city hall today on the challenges facing civil society organisations that work on the topic of migration and asylum.



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