Create your own exhibition during your activities for the Refugees Campaign ­ june 20th.
We ask you to use the posters below (23 pdf files), print it in A3 format and hang them* in your University, your office, the Library of your town. All these stories are provided to give a human face to the campaign The Fatal Realities of 'Fortress Europe'.

The on-going campaign of UNITED for Intercultural Action The 'Fatal Realities of Fortress Europe' is developing with this new project. We believe it is important to spread this material within all the UNITED network, to show that the victims of Fortress Europe are not 'only' 8800 numbers on a list, but individuals with a background, a life and hopes.

The List exhibition** is a collection of representative cases compiled from our List of deaths. These posters are composed with some of the articles we collect in our archive during our daily work and during our searches to protest against European immigration policies.

Some of the posters we decided to publish are not in English. We think this project is a useful tool to raise awareness through all European Countries: for this reason UNITED asks you to cooperate with us by (keep on) sending articles in your language so we can improve our project!

*We remember you can use all UNITED material is free of copy right! But mention as source 'UNITED and keep us informed, send pictures etc.

**The List was a project by the artist Banu Cennetoglu. For this project the UNITED List was displayed as a poster campaign in 110 billboards at busstops throughout the city of Amsterdam for the duration of two weeks, March 14th-March 28th 2007. The poster campaign did not contain any advertising, but the List itself (for more information on the event, see the pictures below). The purpose of the project was to confront a general audience with this crucial document by making it visible within the public sphere.

The List Exhibition - Posters

Greeks accused of drowning immigrants (ListOfDeaths28906.pdf)
Cuatro inmigrantes mueren en su intento por llegar a Canarias en cayuco (ListOfDeaths28706.pdf)
Mother consigned to certain death (ListOfDeaths15506.pdf)
Baby tragedy of asylum family (ListOfDeaths20206.pdf)
A culture of disbelief (ListOfDeaths111105.pdf)
Burnt alive (ListOfDeaths261005.pdf)
Immigrants killed on Spanish-Moroccan border (ListOfDeaths28905.pdf)
Up to 60 migrants feared downed (ListOfDeaths201203.pdf)
Cento e dez imigrantes ilegais (ListOfDeaths11601.pdf)
23 year old nigerian found hung (ListOfDeaths9804.pdf)
Asylum seeker death was 'natural' (ListOfDeaths9703.pdf)
Immigrazione. Barcone affondato (ListOfDeaths15902.pdf)
Police ill-treatment (ListOfDeaths17202.pdf)
Stowaway freezes to death (ListOfDeaths29900.pdf)
Family outraged by murder payment (ListOfDeaths1300.pdf)
Dokumentationsseite Ageeb (ListOfDeaths28599.pdf)
When the State kills (ListOfDeaths22998.pdf)
Up to 17 undocumented boat immigrants may have died (ListOfDeaths201197.pdf)
Il cimitero in fondo al mare (ListOfDeaths251296.pdf)
3 clandestine immigrants drowned (ListOfDeaths11196.pdf)
The Shipwrecked (ListOfDeaths181094.pdf)
Joy Gardner dies after arrest (ListOfDeaths1893.pdf)

The List - Pictures

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6


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