Z§vůle Práva

Z§vůle Práva is a civic association focused on protection against discrimination due to racial or ethnic origin, religion, faith, world view, physical or mental handicap, age, gender or sexual orientation. The main activities of our organization are the following: Monitoring particular cases of discrimination; Providing social and legal aid to victims of discrimination; Legal representation in court proceedings dealing with discrimination; Preparation, undertaking and advertisement of instruments protecting against social exclusion; Analysis and advertisement of legal instruments protecting against discrimination; Education and publication; Counseling and consultancy. The name “Zvůle práva” is an intentional pun in the Czech language pointing to the two faces of the Czech reality: although things should happen within “law’s will“(z vůle práva), it is often the contrary, and many times law becomes a means of „despotism“(zvůle). Given the current social situation in the Czech Republic, Z§vůle práva intends to focus primarily on the discrimination of Roma. When solving the particular cases, our organization aims to use the so-called strategic litigation – searching, undertaking and reaching final verdicts of key court instances in such cases of discrimination that are on the one hand punished by the Czech legal code, but in reality remain to a large extent unsolved due to many reasons or have hitherto been insufficiently reflected by the law itself. Our association has consulted the means of strategic litigation when defending the rights of disadvantaged persons among others with Mrs. Arline Pacht, the founder and until 2002 Executive Director of the International Association of Women Judges and with Mr. Michael J. Haroz, Goulston & Storrs partner, who has been since the beginning of his career the pioneer of pro bono legal work in the U.S.

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